What Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Means For Your Site

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Google have launched their mobile friendly algorithm today! As anticipated in our post last month ‘Are you ready for Google’s new mobile friendly Algorithm‘, the change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will significantly impact mobile visits to your website if it’s not optimised. Whilst it’s not quite the “mobilegeddon” that many are predicting, it is likely to have a significant impact!

If you see a mobile friendly message next to your result then you don’t have anything to worry about in the short term. The update works on a page-by-page basis and is effectively rolled out in real-time (i.e. as soon as you publish the required changes and the page is indexed by Google, you’ll see the mobile friendly label).

Mobile search results

Image caption: Mobile search results

In the long term, you should focus on improving the speed of your mobile website and making sure you deliver the right content on mobile devices: Google and other search engines are set to continue to focus on mobile as part of their ongoing algorithmic roadmap.

Now this focus on mobile is nothing new. Google has been encouraging publishers to focus on mobile experience for some time due to the huge growth of mobile devices. 2015 will be a landmark year in search as mobile traffic is likely to overtake that of desktop for the first time. Google are essentially marking this by making mobile experience a de facto ranking signal.

If you’re a publisher that also uses apps, then it’s also a good opportunity to take advantage of app indexing: in the future, Google will surface more content from indexed apps more prominently in its mobile search results.

You can easily find out if your website is providing a good user experience using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and Google also has a useful guide to mobile-friendly sites if you want to explore the subject further.

We recommend that you closely monitor your mobile organic traffic over the next few weeks and ensure that all of your important landing pages have the mobile friendly tag as soon as possible. We have been working closely with our clients to prepare for this update, as mobile SEO can be complex to understand and implement correctly. It should also be fully integrated into your wider digital strategy if you want to truly maximise the online opportunity.

If you’d like to discuss how to improve your mobile SEO strategy then please get in touch with NetBooster today.

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NetBooster publishes its Year-End 2014 Results

NetBooster – 2014 RESULTS 

Moving from restructuring to growth in 2015 

NetBooster (FR0000079683 – ALNBT – PEA-PME eligible), a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing, today announces its financial results for year-ended 2014.

For the year-ended 2014, NetBooster recorded an EBITDA of €4.5m (compared to €2.7m in 2013) and a Gross Margin of €34.2m (stable compared to 2013, €34.4m) leading to a profitability level of 13.1% (compared to 7.9% for the year-ended 2013). Despite goodwill amortization of €4.0m under French GAAP, the Company is reporting a positive Net income.

In 2014, the Management team restructured the company and refocused efforts from a client, management, product and financial perspective. Principle amongst these included:

  • A decision to exit unprofitable client relationships, thereby accepting a decline in Revenue from €133m to €166m, whilst keeping a stable level of Gross Margin, which is the leading indicator for the operational business performance.
  • Optimising the Group’s cost base; consolidating its business activities in the UK, squeezing out minority shareholders in Guava Holding and thereby reducing the listing and associated costs therewith, combining the Company’s three German units and resizing the French business to actively improve profitability locally.
  • Streamlining our vision, aligning our product offering towards clients’ needs and improving our communication strategy. With a unique product offering, the right size to attract clients and by being a full service digital agency. NetBooster is challenging the big media agencies as they are just starting to turn to digital.
  • New client wins with attractive blue chip, multinational players such as Estée Lauder, PSA, Nestlé, Ringier, AXA Assistance, Standard Chartered, Jennyfer, Speedo and Maplin, providing a strong platform for future growth. 


2014 results

 Management confirms outlook 2015

With 2014 being the best financial year in the company’s history, the management is confident to confirm its outlook, targeting €5.5m to €6.0m EBITDA for 2015.

NetBooster’s CEO, Tim Ringel, commented: “The year 2014 has been a clear proof for the Management and our Team that we can deliver outstanding results, by focusing on our digital DNA. Our objective for 2015 is to keep challenging the big media agencies and win more business across all services, but especially in the Data and Consultancy area. Thanks to the work of our team, and the trust of our clients and investors, NetBooster is now well positioned to be the digital performance architects for advertisers in their digital advertising transition (going forward).”

The consolidated Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statement are available on the Investor Relations section of our website – www.netbooster.com/investor-relations/

EVENT – Year-end 2014 Results

Tim Ringel (CEO), Tom Armbruster (COO) and Vincent Added (CFO) will hold an event for press, equity analysts and investors at 9.30am CET / FR on Wednesday, 8th April 2015 at the offices of NetBooster, 4-6 Passage Louis Philippe, 75011 Paris.

To attend, please contact Alize RP – Tel. +33 1 44 54 36 61

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About NetBooster Group

NetBooster is a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing that makes its comprehensive expertise of digital marketing available to its clients to achieve the best possible performance for their investments. The agency invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing through its European network: search engine optimisation and marketing, data and analytics (DnA), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, online media, creation, eCRM and social networks, with a recognised expertise in tomorrow’s digital marketing (Social Media, Video, Ad Exchange, etc.). Shares in NetBooster are traded on the NYSE Alternext Paris.

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