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  • Posted on 16 March 2017

South by Southwest: NetBooster’s expectations

During this week NetBooster are going American as we attend Texas’ South by Southwest Festival. Here’s what we’re hoping to take away from one of the biggest events in the industry’s yearly calendar. 

By: Jens Nielsen, Head of Nordics & Head of UK & Nordic Operations & Group Management at NetBooster. 


A sense of direction

For anyone hoping to understand the future of tech and marketing, there is nowhere better to be this week than Austin, Texas. With industry leaders including Facebook, Samsung, Vevo and Shazam maintaining a presence at this year’s Conference, every discussion at SXSW is made with one eye looking forward.

A major theme at this year’s SXSW looks to be consumer engagement in the multi-platform era, with PopSugar presenting on cross-channel video content, Sony on gamer engagement, Vevo on digital music strategy and Hot Pod on podcast advertising.

SXSW offers vital insight into the future of our markets, and we look forward to hearing what the experts believe lies in store in the year ahead.


A response to change

Multi-platform disruption is a perfect example of how the industry is constantly changing.

To survive in this environment, agencies have had to adopt a chameleon-like approach to business operations.

Building on a years’ worth of hindsight, everyone at SXSW will be looking to share their hints, tips and hunches on how firms can keep switching colours in the ever-evolving world of modern marketing.  

This collaborative environment offers a perfect opportunity for firms looking to futureproof their organisation, and this is certainly something which NetBooster is looking to take away from its time in the Lone Star State.


The year’s big developments

In years gone by, SXSW has been the setting for some of the biggest arrivals and announcements in the tech industry.

In 2007, Twitter scooped the SXSW award for best blog start-up. The rest, as they say, is history.

2009 saw the launch of Foursquare, the consumer personalisation app which now boasts more than 45 million users worldwide.

In 2015, live streaming company Meerkat stole the show as revellers used the newly-launched app to monitor every moment of their SXSW experience. Meerkat has since closed but live streaming is here to stay, as major platforms such as Facebook and Youtube invest more and more into in-the-moment user broadcasting.

SXSW’s history of big announcements and grand reveals excites us, and we look forward to boasting that ‘we were there’ when the next big thing was announced in 2017. 


A sense of transparency

Transparency has become a hot topic in the marketing industry recently, and we expect this to be reflected over the next ten days in Austin.

With Preston Kelly speaking about revitalising the agency-client relationship and Walmart and friends providing insight on B2B collaboration and engagement, questions surrounding honesty and integrity between brands and agencies will no doubt be addressed.

As a principle which lies at the heart of our organisation, we hope that transparency will be a key take away for attendees at this year’s SXSW. 





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